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Heart Warriors Radio

Dec 7, 2017

How The Next Generation Energy Healers & Coaches Will Revolutionize Our World

Ten- fifteen years ago openly talking about sensing ‘energies’ or energy healing was like an undercover operation. Being an 'Energy Healer' was regarded as fringe dwelling, spiritual woowoo and used to be subject to ridicule and heavy judgment. Today, the available amount of scientific and empirical data pointing at the incredible benefits of self-healing and energy awareness is undeniable. Energetic self-mastery and mindfulness can help to heal blocks in personal health, success, love, spirituality and creativity. The times of mystification of energies and guruism are over! Connecting with our innate healing powers, intuition and even precognition are talked about in countless news articles, self-empowerment books and even in social media. What once belonged to the hippie, guru or new age corner, is advancing into ‘mainstream’ now.

In the wake of a massive increase in people with energetic sensitivity (15-20% of the population) Energy Healers and Coaches will be one of the future’s most needed new professions. I believe that we are at the cusp of an entirely new approach to health, well-ness and with it, understanding of energy healing. Healing and Self-Healing modalities will become a huge part of emerging new industries and education!

The next generation of energy healers that will help to change the paradigm in energy awareness will be coming from traditional and even seemingly unrelated professions, willing to heal themselves and share their talents through connecting with others. Energy work can and will be integrated in all areas of business, from testing business ideas, creating an energetically beneficial products or even homes, to energy counseling, career coaching or physical healing. There are no limits to energy healing when used to assisting others in reaching more fulfillment, health, wealth and love in their lives!

This development can already be observed in traditional healing professions. More and more healing professionals, such as medical doctors, counselors, life coaches, physical therapists, body workers, along with personal trainers, yoga instructors and nutritional therapists feel the need to integrate or enrich their existing practice with mindfulness techniques and energy work. A new generation of professional energy healers is emerging!

In my view as seasoned energy healer and trainer, allowing all sciences to grow together through meta-sciences such as Energy Healing/Medicine/Psychology will play a key-role in future human evolvement. It will revolutionize our world, including business, finances, health and relationships! We are finally beginning to understand that we are more than just the sum of our parts! The paradigm shift we are surrently observing will provide us with a totally new understanding of ourselves as energetic whole-being. It will lead to the realization that we are composed of different layers of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or energetic aspects that need to be addressed on all levels of existence.

According to a study of the National Center of Health Statistics, the sector of Energy Medicine and Alternative/Supplemental Healing Therapies alone had reached a market size of more than $30 Billion USD in the United States. Remembering the times when Acupuncture was still regarded as 'out there', or when warning people about the dangers of MSG's and high fructose corn sirup in foods was considered to be conspiracy theory - it feels liberating to me to observe how something that was once new and discredited can become part of our collective awareness.

Understanding ourselves as Energetic Beings with a soul that is holistically connected to our body, emotions, and mind - rather than a body with unwanted or dysfuntional behaviors, emotions and thoughts, will bring about a new Health Revolution and change our world forever!

I have been a proponent of learning how to work with and heal our own energies for almost two decades now, I was honored to be part of training pioneers, early adaptors, and prompted individuals of almost all professions in energy healing. Through this experience I've learned that there are also issues with the early stages of the emerging 'Energy Healer Business'. Being an 'Energy Healer' is becoming so popular right now, that it reminds me of the exercise craze in the 90s, or the diet fanatism in the early 2000s. It makes it look like as if modern energy healing can be learned overnight, obtained in online certification programs or on Youtube.

This is not the case. It is misleading and contributing to confusion. Energy Work/Healing is a vocation, agreed, but it needs to be learned and trained through practical application and gaining personal experience. Energy work cannot be learned through reading or watching videos. In fact, it can neither be assimilated nor executed with our intellect. Energy Work is a healing art, much like other arts and martial arts, that requires the trainee to internalize the learned on him or herself and to develop his or her own 'style' over time.

In addition, Energy Healing also comes with a very unique set of challenges – especially when working with other energetically sensitive and empathic persons. It requires absolute authenticity and zero tolerance integrity. Not only do we have to learn to trust and believe in our own healing abilities, but we need to constantly be aware and in harmony with our own unhealed aspects to be able to spot them in others. There are many dangers to applying energy work in absence of proficient integrity training, which is why there are so many health challenged, drained, power-driven and unhealed energy healers out there right now.

It is time that energy healing sheds its stigma, so it can become the respectable profession that it will become!
As Energy Healer our personal energy is in direct exchange with our clients. The ability to be fully present and allow this direct connection without absorbing a client’s energies is instrumental. While working with other people’s energies we are subject to constant projection and unconscious psychic attack. Therefore, besides the mentioned ability to sense/feel/or see energies one of the main traits of a good energy healer is his or her own energetic integrity.

So, when learning the needed skillset for energy healing/work/coaching, which in my experience can be accomplished in about 3-6 months on a beginner’s level, it can still take a lifetime to integrate our own energetic dissonances!

As energy healing modalities will explode over the next 5-10 years new standards need to be developed. This is a normal process. Transitional corrections affect all new technologies and modalities in their maturing process.

So, what does this mean for the energy healing business? What does it take to become an Energy Healer of the next generation? Is it enough to just feel a calling to be of service to others? Can anyone learn energy healing? Where does one start?

Any serious energy healer training program should include general training in energy centers/chakras, basic behavioral psychology and anatomy. It should emphasize on training the healer’s own self-healing abilities and must include etheric protection and energetic defense techniques. No matter how many skills we already have, in our existing profession, talent or calling, we need to start with ourselves - and learn to protect our own energy!

In 'What does It Take To Become An Energy Healer' I wrote:

"First of all, we need to understand that the main purpose of energy healing is in the ability to be in and hold a vibrational state that allows for healing. In this state our energy will create a field around us that motivates another person’s energy field to resonate with our – hopefully – higher vibrational state. Energy Healing works like osmosis. The stronger the power of the healer’s energetic field, the farther it can reach – the more it can influence it has on another person’s energy.

We all know this effect in a negative way. Being surrounded by ‘negative’ energies tends to suck our energy in. It functions like a low pressure weather system, that has an inward spin, contracting and pulling outer layers of clouds and energies in, like a hurricane. High pressure systems have an outward spin and push clouds and energies out; they can reach far while clearing the way for the sun to reach our location.

The same applies to energy healing.

A healer is not someone who makes the sun appear - A Healer is someone who can make the sun visible to those who temporarily can’t see it.

The idea that we can learn to heal others based on our good intentions is a very common misconception about spiritual healing. We cannot ‘make’ or will a person to heal; all we can do is to motivate a person’s energy to go into it’s higher vibrational state o activate spontaneous self-healing.

An energy worker/healer is someone who can help a person to shift or reverse their personal energetic spin on things, so that his/her clouds can be removed and the connection with the sun (->inner light/self-healing abilities) can be reinstated and felt again."

In order to effectively help other people with energy healing a healing practitioner needs to know and be able to be in charge of his or her own energies AT ALL TIMES. Only a Healed Healer can be of true service to others! This takes time and experience. The next generation of energy workers will be emerging from all directions - we will need energy workers who can teach children, businesses, existing client or person-to-person services and academia. The only true prerequisite for becoming a ‘healer’ a person’s willingness to heal themselves and learn how to align to absolute truth and integrity!