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Heart Warriors Radio

Jul 19, 2019

We all are going through a massive internal adjustment of our energy body right now, and the only way to sooth these energetic sensations is to CONNECT AND GROUND WITH OUR PLANET who is experiencing the same thing as all others that is trying to break through the veil of illusions. Earthquakes and other signs of resistance are just the tip of the iceberg of this inner clearing process. Whether or not they are part of manmade meddling is irrelevant, we are entering the time of ABSOLUTE TRUTH about what works and what doesn’t - and I think the message is pretty clear...

WHY ARE WE STILL HIDING OUR LIGHT? Truth and Light are the same – the only Way to get to a brighter future is to step up and make a stance for ourselves! So, STOP QUESTION YOUR INNER LIGHT and rise and shine through letting go of illusionary safety and ideals that have no intrinsic value other than calming your ego! Show it your finger - whatever it came up with in the past to help you cope is not working anymore!

Sure, at times it can be a good thing to focus on making ourselves feel ‘good’ and ‘hanging in there’, but this is now not enough anymore. To get through times of radical change as we are looking ahead, we can’t just tag along on the sidelines. We need to remember and bring our HIGHER GOALS back into the foreground.

This also means to become aware of how we've slowly LET DOWN OUR VIRTUES in the past. Yes! That’s what we’ve done! We made compromises, tried to be nice and play along – but this isn’t working for us anymore!