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Heart Warriors Radio

Dec 6, 2017

There is an intuitive knowing that we all have a power within us that can lead us to health, wealth and happiness – a guidance system that allows us to heal ourselves no matter what the perceived problem is. Without being aware of this inner belief, we are programmed to believe that every condition can be cured with medication, therapy or treatment (even the ones we didn’t even know existed). However, there is a growing body of scientific evidence that our healing process goes much faster, smoother and more permanent if a spiritual component is added, that can fully connect us with what is happening within us.

How did we forget to trust in our own ability to feel what is needed to truly heal?

At least in western cultures, we have been lead to accept that healing can only happen through something from outside of us. Needless to say that this not only promotes our dependency to for example meds, but that it externalizes our healing powers all together. We have forgotten how to trust in our own powers!

Where do does this power reside? In our mind? In our consciousness? How do we re-learn to strengthen our spiritual connection? The answer is simple – through the power of our heart - the very part of us that is connecting us with our higher consciousness and higher guidance.

One reason for the ever-growing disconnection and helplessness many people feel is the turning away from spiritual healing. For some it is still obvious that faith and prayer are meaningful tools for getting through a crisis or disease, but for many others, including the modern awakened ‘spiritual person’ it is difficult to see religious practices as pathway for our personal healing or manifestation process. Instead, we seek guidance through books, articles, videos, workshops or metaphysical teachers to learn about energetic healing techniques, mediations or energy work.

Healing is a Two-Fold Process

One part is removing the ill-making agent, person, condition or energy, and the other is strengthening our inner system, such as our physical or spiritual immune system. Both can lead to more efficients ways to deal with whatever caused the disorder. And yet, there is still a component missing. No matter how many affirmations, meditations or Yoga classes we attend, we are still missing the connection with what in ourselves contributed to our condition in the first place. We get stuck in judging our problems as ‘not-spiritual’ and thus the strengthening of our own healing system becomes not only not possible, but we are often unconsciously sabotaging our efforts.

Seeing our disease or unhappiness from an energetic viewpoint can help us to bridge this gap between our mental attitude and inner feeling about out condition. We can learn that everything is ‘just’ energy and that healing is a matter of shifting our energetic state to a faster vibrational frequency. Everything can therefore heal from within, provided we re-learn how to connect with our heart and reactivate our coherence with our inner Divine energies that allows us to reactivate our higher inner abilities to heal through our heart-field.

Since healing and self-healing are not (yet) part of what is taught in our school system, we are often left alone with our search for guidance. We don’t know how to enquire about it without feeling insecure or too embarrassed to admit that we cannot really connect with our hearts.

Finding practical information about heart-based healing and self-healing, energy clearing and how to support our heart is like learning a new language. Nobody can really explain it – we have to experience it! In other words, we have to become an active part in our own healing process – otherwise we could not learn that it is our inner power that does the healing!

Adding to this, many of us are sensing that there must be more to our awakened energetic sensitivity than constantly feeling bombarded or drained by other people’s energies. Could the purpose of this developing additional sense have something to do with healing?