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Heart Warriors Radio

Jun 15, 2018

There is research that is showing that low frequency exposure influences people's emotions and decisions - understanding the meaning of this is also means understanding how PLANETARY & COLLECTIVE SHIFTS in electromagnetic energy can influence our personal energy. Here a brief illustration video for those of you interested in this study:  

The reason why I am bringing this up is the purpose of such training weekends and most of what our work here is about. While we are practicing various different modalities, the main aspect of such training is the ABILITY TO HOLD OUR ENERGY in certain vibratory rates. As you are all aware of, different VIBRATORY STATES influence our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual perception. Why is that? Because it triggers the electromagnetic part of our physiology to resonate. It affects our cell membranes, our neurological firing/stimulation and therefore influences neurotransmitters, hormones, etc but also our signal processing altogether.